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Wednesday 30 September 2015
Betterball Stableford

1 Midge Wood / Jaco da Silva 50 points
2 Bruce Meyer / Mark Coleman 48
3 Matthew Spagnoletti / Mike Irwin 47
4 Sven van Rie / Eugene Louw 46
5 Konnie Wood /Lee Pearson 45 oco

Saturday 3 October 2015
Betterball Stableford – Morning

1 Wayne Brent / Clive Cross 52 pts
2 Peter Webb / Grant Cross 51 pts
3 R. de Wet / D. Brits 48 pts

Saturday 3 October 2015
Betterball Stableford – Afternoon

1 Matthew Spagnoletti / Mike Irwin 49 pts
2 Basil Procter / Brian Birney 47 pts
3 Ivor Randall / Alf Rufners 46 pts

Sunday 4 October 2015
Individual Bonus Bogey

1 Destry Woods +7
2 Robyn Champion +6
3 Rashied Bardien +5
4 S. Naik +3
5 Morris Holland +2


A challenging risk reward Par 5 sets the tone for your round at CMR. With a winding “burn” running across the fairway at 230 metres, the longer hitters can take the carry on or play conservatively and lay up short, turning the hole into a proper 3 shot par 5. For the longer hitter wanting to get there in 2, there are two more hazards to negotiate. A large water hazard to the right of the fairway will catch any ball going right, whilst a large penal bunker waits for any shot pulled away from the water. The hole then dog legs uphill to the right with large trees framing the fairway.

When going for the green in two you can expect the ball to be below your feet, bringing large trees into play should you push your approach right. The smart lay up is up the left hand side of the fairway giving you a good look at a well bunkered large green.
Once on the green, you have a good chance at eagle or birdie as the surface is relatively flat with putts rarely breaking more than a ball either way. All in all a great opener for the round!

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